Friday, November 2, 2012

i’ve got help for you…

there may be some that say, “it seems so hard to get plugged into a relationship with GOD.”  i meet a lot of non-CHRISTians.  i spend a lot of time with non-CHRISTians.  when they find out what i do they start talking:  “it’s really hard to have a relationship with GOD.” 

no, it’s not hard!  what’s hard is getting the cable guy to come out to your house.  that’s hard.  that’s harder than starting a relationship with GOD.  have you called the cable guy and they can’t even pinpoint a time.  “sometime in an even numbered year…”  i wait all week and the five minutes i leave my house to go get something to eat, he jumps out of the bushes where he was hiding, and he puts a note on my door –“sorry!  i missed you.”        

GOD’s not like that at all.  as a matter of fact, the bible tells us that GOD stands at the door and HE knocks.  HE’s standing right there and HE’s waiting for us to open the door. 

if you’re a seeker, you’re checking this whole thing out, HE’s waiting for you just to say yes, to open the door and step across the line to bring HIM into your life. 

if you’ve been a believer for a while and you feel like you’re unplugged, there are so many ways.  that’s why bill’s front porch exists to help you get plugged and stay plugged into that relationship with GOD. 

if you want to grow, i’ve got help for you.  if you’re not staying connected, don’t blame GOD.

just a thought from the front porch…

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