Monday, December 31, 2012

three kinds of people in life…

there are three kinds of people in life.  there are accusers.  there are excusers.  there are choosers. 

there are accusers.  they always blame everybody else for their problems.  their favorite phrase is, “it’s all your fault.”  it’s never my fault.  it’s all your fault.

there are excusers.  excusers always have a rationale for where they are.  there’s always a reason.  i’ve discovered that whenever i want to procrastinate on something, any excuse will do.  the bible in proverbs 22.13 (lb) says, a lazy man is full of excuses.

accusers and excusers – people who blame others and people who excuse themselves – are losers.  so you need to be a chooser.

choosers say, “i choose to assume responsibility for my own happiness.  i’m not dependent upon somebody else.  i choose the direction of my life.”  i’m not depending upon the crowd.  i’m choosing to accept responsibility for my life.  if you do that, you’re already a jump ahead in 2013.

just a thought from bill’s front porch…

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