Tuesday, January 1, 2013

i can handle anything…

to maximize 2013 you assume responsibility for your life then you believe you can change.

stop saying, “i can’t” and start saying, “i can”.  the person who says, “i can’t” and the person who says, “i can” are both right. 

philippians 4.13 (jerusalem bible), there is nothing i cannot master with the help of CHRIST who gives me strength. 

do you really believe that verse?  there is nothing i can not master!  that means there’s nothing i’m going to hit in the next 365 days, no problem, no situation, no circumstance, no hassle that i can’t handle, that i can’t manage, that i’m not competent to handle. 

on my own effort?  of course not!  but with the help of CHRIST who gives me strength.  with the help of CHRIST. 

we’re not talking here about positive thinking.  we’re talking here about supernatural power.  you’re not just psyching yourself up – “i think...  i think ... i think i can... i think i can...” 

listen, there are some things that, no matter how much you think you can, you can’t.  and no matter how much you think you can, you’re not going to be able to do it.  that’s the difference between pop psychology and CHRISTianity. 

there are a lot of good self-help books that tell you what to do.  they just don’t give you any power to do it.  i’ve read the books: “here’s how to be a success.  first, get rid of all your bad habits.”  of course!  “learn to get along with people.  ...  be disciplined and have self-control.”  they tell you what to do but they don’t give you the power to do it.  that’s why you need JESUS CHRIST. 

i can handle anything.  i believe i can change.  not on my own power, but with the power that CHRIST gives me, i can handle it.

just a thought from the front porch…

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