Wednesday, January 2, 2013

accept, believe, give…

the bible is full of stories of people who changed because they believed that they could change after GOD talked to them. 

GOD came to a guy named moses:  “i want to use you to save a nation.”  moses said, “me?  i got kicked out of egypt because i killed a guy.  i’m a murderer.  now i’m out here feeding sheep.  and on top of that, i stutter!  i’m slow of speech.  you want me to be the spokesman for a nation?”  GOD said, “yes.  i’m going to use you.”

GOD came to a guy named gideon, when the nation of israel was overrun by the enemy:  “i’m going to use you, gideon, to save the country.”  gideon said, “me?  i am the youngest kid in the poorest family in the smallest tribe in the nation.”  GOD said, “yes.  i’m going to use you.”

GOD came to a guy named jeremiah.  “i want you to be my spokesman.  my preacher.  i want you to be a teacher of the nation.” jeremiah said, “me?  i’m mr. depression.  i’m always in a blue funk.  i’m a guy who’s depressed all the time.  not only that, i’m a teenager.”  but GOD said, “I’m going to use you.”  HE used a depressed teenager.

GOD can use me and GOD can use you.  the good news is GOD wants to use you.  first you must accept responsibility for your own life.  and second you must believe you can change, that GOD can give you the power to change if you’ll trust HIM.

just a thought from the front porch… 

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