Thursday, January 3, 2013

what do you really want?..

the good news is GOD wants to use you.  first you must accept responsibility for your own life.  and second you must believe you can change, that GOD can give you the power to change if you'll trust HIM and then you must clarify what you really want.

you must decide what’s important and what isn’t important.  GOD has given each of us an incredible gift called the freedom to choose, the freedom of choice.  that’s one of the things that makes you like GOD.  when GOD says in genesis 1, let US make man in OUR own image one of the ways you’re different from animals is HE gave you the freedom to choose between good and evil. 

job 34.3-4 (lb), we can choose the sounds we want to listen to.  we can choose the taste we want in food.  we should choose to follow what is right.  but first of all we must define what is good.  notice the phrase, define what is good – that means to clarify what i really want. 

it’s amazing most people never do this.  they never stop and think through and write down on paper what’s really important to them. 

most of you have never done this.  you’ve never written down, what are my values?  what’s important to me?  what really counts?  you can’t do what’s important until you clarify what’s important. 

otherwise you’re going to be pushed around by the pressures of life doing this and that then all of a sudden the year is over and you're saying, “what got done?” 

your values determine your vision.  your desires determine your direction.  your roles determine your goals.  you must first stop and say, “what's important?  what really matters to me?” 

most people have never made up their mind what they want out of life and if you aim at nothing, you're going to hit it.  most people have this vague feeling of, “i just want to be happy.”  but they've never really sat down and figured out what is it that's going to make me happy?  what does GOD want me to do with my life?  why am i here?  they've never written out their values. 

just a thought from the front porch…

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