Tuesday, December 18, 2012

what to do in times of grief…

how do i let go of grief?  there’s a story in 2 samuel 12 about david.  it’s a story that tells us how to let go of grief.  david had a illegitimate child by bathsheba.  he took another man’s wife and had her husband killed.  it was a sin.  she became pregnant and bore a son and the son became very, very sick.  david, it says that he laid himself out on the ground and prayed for days, “GOD, save this child!  spare the child!”  he fasted and prayed and wept.  and the child died.  we don’t always get everything we pray for.  we looked at this story a few weeks ago.

2 samuel 12.16 & 18 (niv), david pleaded with GOD for the child and he fasted and he went into his house and he spent nights lying on the ground.  but on the seventh day the child died.

david did some things when the child died.  it is the same things you need to do to let go of grief. 

#1.  accept what cannot be changed.  that’s the first thing david did.  he accepted what could not be changed. 

2 samuel 12.22 (niv), then david got up from the ground.  he said, “while the child was still alive, i fasted and wept, but now that he is dead, why should i fast?  can i bring him back to life?”

“no.”  david said, while there was a chance i prayed and wept but now he’s dead.  and i’ve got to get on with life.  he accepted what could not be changed.

many of you are in pain now from events that happened years and years ago.  the key to your piece of mind is in one word – acceptance.  acceptance of GOD’s will in your life.  GOD does not have a plan b for your life!  there is only plan a.  GOD is still on HIS throne and GOD is still in control and you need to accept what cannot be changed.  let it go!  let go of your grief.  it relieves so much pain. 

just a thought from the front porch…

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