Saturday, December 22, 2012

you didn’t let GOD down…

how do you let go of guilt?  there are two approaches to guilt. one is right and one is wrong.  they are both seen in two of the disciples in the bible – peter and judas.  both peter and judas, on the night before JESUS was taken into custody, both denied JESUS.  they both sinned.  but they responded very, very differently to their guilt.  one response was right and one response was wrong.  you will choose one of these two responses to the guilt you have in life. 

the way judas responded was condemnation.  self condemnation. 

matthew 27.3-5 (niv), when judas, who had betrayed him, saw that jesus was condemned, he was seized with remorse.  then he went out and hanged himself." 

he committed suicide.  that's the ultimate expression of self-condemnation.  he said, “i’ve blown it!  i’ve made the biggest mistake of my life!  i’ve created the greatest sin!  therefore life is worthless and i’m condemned.”  he went out and took his own life.  there are many, many ways to live in condemnation without committing suicide. 

but peter, on the other hand, his response was not condemnation but confession.

matthew 26.75 (niv), then peter remembered the word JESUS had spoken and he went outside and wept bitterly. 

he had the same remorse judas did but he confessed his sin.  how do i know he did that?  because a few days later GOD used him. 

peter must have said, “GOD, i’m so sorry.  i lived with JESUS CHRIST for 3½ years.  i’ve watched every move and when it came down in a clench, i copped out!  i denied i ever knew you.  GOD, i’ve really let you down!”  have you ever said that to GOD?  “GOD, i’ve blown it!  i’ve really let you down.”  and GOD, says, “no, my child.  you did not let me down.  because you weren’t holding ME up in the first place.” 

you don’t hold GOD up.  HE holds you up. you don’t have GOD in your hands.  HE has you in HIS hands.  this may shock you but nothing you ever do surprises GOD.  isn't it amazing that GOD knows every stupid mistake i’m going to make for the rest of my life and yet HE still loves me?  HE already knows.  that’s grace, folks.

peter said, “GOD, how could you use me?  i’m so unfaithful.”  but he confessed his sin.  he repented and peter, the man who denied JESUS CHRIST at the crucifixion, was the same man that GOD chose to use 50 days later on the day of pentecost to speak and 3,000 people were saved.  that’s the GOD of the second chance.  that’s the good news.  you confess it to GOD. 

just a thought from the front porch…

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