Saturday, March 30, 2013

HE takes care of my needs…

i need to never be worried, i need to never be hopeless because HIS provision supplies my needs.

the fact is GOD has promised to meet every single need in your life if you’ll trust HIM.  HE’ll meet your emotional need, HE’ll meet your physical needs, HE’ll meet your spiritual needs, HE’ll meet your mental needs, HE’ll meet your relational needs, your social needs, whatever needs you have. 

romans 8.32 (nlt),  since GOD did not spare even HIS own SON but gave him up for us all, won’t GOD, who gave us CHRIST, also give us everything else.  if GOD loves me enough to send CHRIST to die for me doesn’t HE care enough to take care of all my other needs.  the answer is obvious.  of course HE does!  psalm 84.11 (nlt), no good thing will the LORD withhold from those who do what is right. GOD wants to bless your life. 

philippians 4.19 (ncv), GOD will use HIS wonderful riches in CHRIST JESUS to give you … most everything you need.  not “most everything.”  HE’ll give you everything.  when you get an insurance policy and you know what it covers you don’t worry about what it covers.  GOD says, "here’s MY insurance policy.  I cover everything for believers."  does that include college tuition?  yes.  doctor bills?  yes.  car payments?  yes. 

how much do i trust GOD?  do i really believe GOD when HE says, “I’ll take care of all your needs if you’ll put ME first?”  really when we don’t want to give we think, “if i give i won’t have anything to meet my needs.  i need this for my own needs.”  GOD says, “all right, let’s see who you trust.  yourself or me.  you get to choose.  if you’ll trust ME I will meet all your needs.  if you trust yourself I don’t promise to meet all your needs if you trust yourself.  i want you to learn to trust me.” 

if you don’t believe that verse where HE said (nkjv), my GOD shall supply all your needs,  you ought to just cut it out of your bible.  if that’s not really true then just cut it out.  throw that part of the bible away.  but if it is true, HE says, “I promise to meet all your needs”, then you can learn to give, in a way greater than you ever thought possible. 

just a thought from the front porch…

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