Monday, April 22, 2013

all you need…

2 corinthians 12.9a (lb) GOD says, I am with you.  that’s all you need.  we could stop right here because that’s all you need to hear.  GOD says, “no matter what you go through this next week, I’m going to be with you and I’m all you need.” 

some of you have a major presentation to make.  your career may hang in the balance.  you’ve got a proposal.  you’ve got a sale to close.  some of you have a problem you have to solve this week.  you have a conflict maybe at home, at work, at school.  you need to resolve it this week.  you’ve got a difficulty that seems insurmountable.  all you need to know is two things.  GOD says, I’m with you.  and that’s all you need. 

we don’t usually realize that GOD is all you need until GOD is all you’ve got.  what happens is, GOD intentionally allows everything else to fall apart.  all those props and gimmicks and all those things that give you safety and all those relationships you think you need to prop you up, all of a sudden go by the wayside.  and GOD is all you have.  when GOD is all you have, you turn to HIM and realize HE’s all you needed in the first place.  one plus GOD equals a majority.  if GOD’s on my side, who can be against me.

just a thought from the front porch…

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