Tuesday, April 23, 2013

why me, GOD?...

GOD says i want to teach you this week that I’m with you and that’s all you need.”  paul says in 2 corinthians 12.11 (lb), so when i am weak, then i am strong.  in fact, the less i have, the more i depend on HIM. 

this is a lesson that i have to learn over and over and over.  and so do you.  we have short-term memory when it comes to this.  we’re in a tight financial situation and GOD comes through with flying colors and bales us out and helps us through it and then the next day we’re acting like an atheist again.  we forget how many times HE’s worked in our lives.  HE’s been there.  HE’s helped us.  HE’s made it through the situation.  we forget.  we have to learn this lesson over and over.  we naturally resent our limitations. 

so many of us when there’s something in our life that we’ve inherited and can’t control it but it causes pain in our life (emotionally, physically, spiritually – any other way) our reaction is “why me, GOD?  i’m a good guy.  i’m trying to live for YOU.  why did YOU allow this?” 

GOD says “my power shows up best in weak people.”  then if that’s true, why should GOD take away your weaknesses?  you know the thing you’ve been praying about – “GOD, please take this away!” and HE hasn’t done it, it’s probably a weakness.  GOD’s saying, “MY power shows up best in your weakness.  why in the world would i take it away?” 

if you didn’t have any weaknesses in your life, if you could solve every problem and meet any need instantly, how much would you depend on GOD?  zip!  not at all.  you’d think you were GOD.  if you could meet every need and solve every problem, you’d think you were GOD.  “i’m invincible!  i’m the master of my faith”  GOD says, “no, you’re not.  you’re a human being.  I made you and I love you and I created you and in your weakness, that’s where my power shows up strongest.”

just a thought from the front porch…

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