Saturday, April 6, 2013

an evidence of GOD’s unique humor...

don’t you think it is an evidence of GOD’s unique humor that HE loves to put opposites together in marriage?  i think GOD enjoys it!  if you’re married, one of you is an early riser.  the other one doesn’t believe in GOD before 11 a.m.!  one of you is daring and impulsive; one of you is cautious and reserved.  one of you loves to talk!  you can describe things in detail and you love to talk and talk and talk.  and your mate is a bump on the log!  (one lady said, “my husband is so sharp with me!”  a friend said, “maybe he’s trying to get a word in edgewise!”)

when it comes to money, one of you loves to spend money.  (you have the bumper stickers: “the woman’s place is in the mall” or “when the going gets tough, the tough goes shopping.”)  you love to spend and your mate is a tightwad.  (someone said, “at the end of your life whether you end up with a nest egg or a goose egg depends on the chick you married.”) 

differences in sex:  one of you is very romantic. you are hot!  don juan, casenovia, candlelight.  you are a firecracker.  and your mate is a dud.  when it comes to sex, one of you says, “drop everything!” and the other says, “drop dead!” (it’s like the guy who came home from work one day.  he walks in and hands his wife two aspirin.  she said, “what's this for?”  he said, “for your headache.”  she said, “i don't have a headache.” he said, “got ya!”)

the fact is we are made different.  we are different.  there are no two people alike.  we need to learn to appreciate each other’s loyalty.  we need to learn to appreciate each other’s differences.  paul says, “be patient!  be tolerant!”  if you have a difference.  be thankful!  differences in marriage add balance. the marriages that have the most problems are where they are exactly alike.  the greater your differences in a marriage, the greater your potential for growth.  acceptance of that difference is an attribute of maturity.  it’s not wrong, you’re just different.  and it's ok to be different. 

just a thought from the front porch…

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