Wednesday, May 1, 2013

the whiner says, “it’s not fair”…

we are looking at types of complainers and  a telltale sign of the whiner is:  “it's not fair.  i don’t deserve this.  everybody else gets all the breaks.”  they lobby for the equal wrong amendment.

here is a verse that shows you that things haven’t changed much.  matthew 20.11&12 (tev), they took their money and started grumbling against the employer ... “we put up with a whole day’s work in the hot sun – yet you paid them the same as you paid us.”

nothing new under the sun, it’s not fair.

now have you learned the fact of life that life is not fair?  that is a phrase that we don’t use in our family.  one time brett was saying something about something not being fair.  and stef said, this was back when they was very, very young, “but brett, life isn’t supposed to be fair”.  that is one of the phrases that i’m sure they will put on my tombstone – but life isn’t fair.

GOD never said it is going to be fair.  it will be fair in heaven.  HE will settle the score in heaven and hell.

listen, life is not fair and as long as you complain about the fact that life is not fair it only makes you more miserable. and it will never change the fact that life is not always fair.  so complaining does not work.

now do you know any whiners?  are you one?  the whiner.

just a thought from the front porch…

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