Saturday, July 13, 2013

such a great gift…

GOD also sees you as forgivable. 

that word “forgivable,” we hear that all the time.  it’s very easy to pass right by that one.  we do not realize how forgiven we really are. 

ephesians 1.4 (tlb) says, long ago, even before HE made the world, GOD chose us to be HIS very own through what CHRIST would do for us.  HE decided then to make us holy in HIS eyes, without a single fault.  we who stand before HIM covered by HIS love.  what an incredible verse that tells us how forgiven we are by GOD’s love and what HE’s willing to do in us. 

before GOD made you HE knew everything you were going to do in your life.  HE knew all the mistakes, all the sins.  HE knew the worst thing you were going to do.  there is one thing you will never hear GOD say, “I didn’t see that one coming.”  you’ll never hear that.  HE sees it all.  and GOD who sees it all says in advance “i’m willing to forgive you, no matter what.  no matter what I am willing to forgive you.”  that is good news.  if i receive CHRIST my sins are wiped out.  they are erased.  that is what GOD’s grace – the good news of GOD’s grace HIS gift is all about.  and it is such a great gift.  we have a tough time receiving it.  we have a tough time believing it. 

just a thought from the front porch…

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