Friday, July 12, 2013

doubting GOD’s love…

why is this important to know about GOD’s love?  because we always get into trouble when we doubt GOD’s love.  every time you sin it’s because you doubt GOD’s love.  you’re doubting that GOD has your best interest at heart.  the bible, GOD’s book, is full of rules that will make your life successful, healthy, happy.  but we ignore them because often times we think that we know better than GOD.  in that case we are doubting GOD’s love. 

there’s a lot of stuff in the bible that GOD’s real clear on.  HE says, don’t have sex outside of marriage.  that’s real clear.  HE says it all over.  any time i ignore that what am i doing?  i am doubting that GOD knows what’s best for my life and that HE loves me.  i think i know what’s best.  i think i know what will make me happy more than GOD does.  that’s doubting HIS love. 

when GOD says something else in the bible HE’s very clear about what HE says and HE’s not saying it because HE’s an angry mean GOD but because HE knows what’s best for you.  HE knows what’s best for you better than what you do.  that’s why we have to remind ourselves every day that GOD will never stop loving me.  HE is consistent and it is unconditional.

just a thought from the front porch…  

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