Thursday, July 11, 2013

two characteristics of GOD’s love…

GOD says in isaiah 54.10 (tev), “the mountains and hills may crumble but MY love for you will never end,” so says the LORD who loves you.  there are two characteristics of GOD’s love you need to never, ever forget.

1.  it is consistent.  GOD is not fickle.  HE is not capricious.  HE does not have good days and bad days and good moods and bad moods and bad hair days and say, “I don’t like everybody today.”  GOD is consistent in HIS loving.  HE never stops loving.  it’s different than people love.  all human love – all – is inconsistent.  GOD is consistent in HIS love for you.

2.  HIS love is unconditional.  GOD doesn’t say, I love you if… and here are the conditions.”  “I love you because...  and here are the conditions.”  HE just says, “I love you.  period” because it’s not based on your performance.  it’s based on HIS character.  HE just says, “I love you.  you’re mine.  I made you.  I saved you.  I bought you.    want you with me for eternity.  you’re mine.”  you wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for GOD’s love.  you never need to ask yourself, “is GOD going to love me today?  did I pray enough today?  did I do all the right things?  did I cross the t’s and dot the i’s.  did I do everything just right?”  GOD will never love you more than HE does right now.  HE will never love you any less than HE does right now.  because HIS love is consistent and unconditional. 

just a thought from the front porch…

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