Monday, July 22, 2013

two causes for self condemnation…

you probably have noticed that your confidence ebbs and flows.  it varies greatly from day to day.  one day you’re up the next day you’re down.  what is it that causes that?

one of the things is what is going on inside of you.  1 john 3.21 (niv), if our hearts do not condemn us, we have confidence before GOD. 

notice the words, “condemn” and “confidence”.  you are always walking in one or the other – in condemnation or in confidence. 
so what causes self condemnation?  two things:

#1.  unresolved guilt.  

david said in psalm 32, when i hold my guilt inside, i’m miserable. 

have you seen the sign that said, a clean engine produces more power?  that’s true in humans too.

sir arthur conan doyle, the man who wrote sherlock holmes, once pulled a prank on twelve prominent englishmen.  he sent them an anonymous note that said, “all is found out.  flee at once.” within twenty-four hours, eight of those men had left the country.  guilt destroys your confidence. 

#2.  unrealistic expectations.  

that's often called perfectionism, the feeling that i must be flawless, that i must be perfect, that i must please everybody, that i always have to do more, that i feel guilty when i relax. 

if you’re a perfectionist, your favorite phrases are, “i should... i must... i ought... i have to...”  

if you’re an average person, you have three things on your daily to do list.  you get one of them done, you leave one of them unfinished, and the third one you just forget about.  you go home and put your feet up at night and feel good about yourself.  if you’re a perfectionist you have 29 things on your daily to do list.  you finish 28 of them and you go home and feel like a failure.

both guilt and perfectionism cause a lack of confidence in our lives.

just a thought from the front porch…

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