Tuesday, July 9, 2013

you are not junk…

another thing that creates value is what is somebody willing to pay for it?  how much is your house worth?  not what you think.  it’s worth whatever somebody’s willing to pay for it.  you may think it’s worth this but if somebody’s only willing to pay this – the market determines the value.  let’s say i’ve got a rare baseball card.  how much is it worth?  it’s worth whatever somebody’s willing to pay for it.  if you’ve got a piece of art in your house, how much is it worth?  whatever somebody’s willing to pay for it. 

look at how much you were paid for. 1 corinthians 7.23 (tlb), you have been bought and paid for by CHRIST, [by the way, with HIS life.]  so you belong to HIM.  the greatest ransom ever paid was for you.  GOD exchanged HIS own SON for you.  even if you were the only person who ever lived in the world, JESUS CHRIST still would have come to the earth and died for you.  that’s how much value HE considers you to be.  JESUS did not die for junk.  and you are not junk.  GOD says you are acceptable and you are valuable.  the cross proves your value.  the people who told you growing up that you’re worthless, were liars.  they were wrong, dead wrong.  they were lying.  you are of infinite value.  if GOD says you’re of value it doesn’t matter what anybody else has said to you. 

isaiah 43:4 (tev),  you are precious to ME.

i don’t know what hurt you’ve been through but i do know this.  GOD says that in HIS eyes you are valuable.

just a thought from the front porch…

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