Monday, July 8, 2013

you are valuable…

GOD not only sees you as acceptable but HE sees you as valuable. 

if you’re going to learn to see yourself the way GOD sees you, you’re going to have to see your value. 
you’re not just acceptable.  you’re worth something.  you’re worth a lot.  the bible says this in luke 12.24 (nlt), look at the birds.  they don’t need to plan or harvest or put food in barns because GOD feeds them.  and you are far more valuable to HIM than any birds.  if GOD takes care of little-bitty birds HE’s certainly going to take care of you because you are more valuable. 

so let me ask you a question.  how much do you think you’re worth?  i’m not talking about your net worth.  i’m talking about your self-worth.  your values have nothing to do with your value, whether you’re rich or not.  your net worth and your self-worth are not tied together.  if they are you could lose your self-worth in an instant. 

what is it that creates value?  what makes something valuable? 

for one, who owns it?  the owner creates value.  if somebody’s famous and they own something, something very common can be worth a whole lot.  you go to these auctions and they offer stuff that celebrities have had and it’s worth a lot.  which is more valuable your tennis shoes or michael jordan’s tennis shoes?  no question.  your car or madonna’s car?  no question.  who owns it determines its value. 

whatever your value is, depends on who you belong to.  so who do you belong to?  1 john 4.4 (niv), you belong to GOD.  you don’t get any bigger than that.  you belong to GOD!  HE made you.  HE created you.  HE died for you.  HE saved you.  you belong to GOD.  imagine your worth.

there was a famous kuwaiti oil sheik whose daughter was kidnapped.  he put an announcement over the internet that said he’d pay any price.  she’s the daughter of the king.

you are a daughter or son of the KING.  you are a child of GOD.  and HE will pay anything including going to the cross to get you back.  JESUS said, “I love you so much I’d rather die than live without you.”  HE owns you and that creates value.

just a thought from the front porch…

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