Wednesday, August 7, 2013

let’s pray…

maybe you’ve been under self-condemnation, maybe because of some unresolved guilt, maybe because of some unrealistic expectations, maybe both.  JESUS CHRIST offers you a personal invitation.  the bible says, “all of us have sinned and we all fall short of GOD’s ideal yet now GOD declares us not guilty if we trust in JESUS CHRIST, who in HIS kindness, freely takes away our sins.”  

would you like to have that burden removed?  would you say to JESUS CHRIST, “JESUS, i want to ask you to forgive me for all the things i’ve ever done wrong.”  if something specific comes to mind right now, the HOLY SPIRIT brings it to your consciousness, just agree, saying, “yes, and that... and that...”  as those pictures go across your mind, say, “LORD, i ask forgiveness for that and i accept your forgiveness because of JESUS CHRIST.” 

then say, “JESUS CHRIST, help me now to forgive myself and to look straight ahead with honest confidence and not to hang my head in shame.  when those things come to mind, instead of me coming back and begging YOU to forgive me again, help me to remember that’s it’s already been forgiven.  i just need to forgive myself.  every time that memory comes back, instead of me being guilty, help me be grateful.  let it remind me that you are a GOD of forgiveness and grace and i’m forgiven.  when that memory comes to my mind, let it cause me to praise YOU and say, ‘what a great GOD you are!  YOU’ve forgiven me.  i’m a trophy of YOUr grace.’” 

as GOD brings these things to your mind, in your heart say, “LORD, please forgive that... and that...”  and then as you’ve said that before the LORD, i want to say to you today in the name of JESUS CHRIST you are forgiven.  just symbolically take a deep breath of fresh air and let it out as saying, “LORD, i’m letting it go.  i don’t ever have to feel guilty about that again.  when the memories come, i just have to forgive myself because i’m not guilty over it anymore.”

in JESUS’ name.  amen

just a thought from the front porch...

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