Saturday, August 31, 2013

Roller Coasters and the Zode…

Continuing the 6th Step of making a wise decision which is Face your fears.

The secret is that you move against your fear, do the thing you fear the most. 

I love to go to amusement parks.  I love them.  One of the rides that is there is the gondola ride.  It is a car that is hanging under a cable that goes up high and takes you from one place to another.  I have some anxiety when I ride that ride.  I can ride roller coasters that go faster and higher than the gondola ride and I’m not afraid of those rides but I am of the gondola ride.  What ride do I always ride when I go to an amusement park?  I always ride the gondola ride because I am going to and the truth is have conquered my fear of the gondola ride.

That is what it means to move against your fear.

If you know it’s GOD’s will and GOD’s given you a dream, you make the decision and you move against the fear and you watch the Red Sea open up and you watch the manna be provided and you watch GOD do the miracle in that relationship, in that problem, in your finances, whatever it is. 

When I don’t have the faith to do something, I go ahead and do it anyway as though I had the faith.  Then I get the faith.

Let me say that again.  When I don’t have the faith to do something, I go ahead and do it anyway as though I had the faith and then I get the faith.

Dr. Suess:  One of the great theologians of our day.

Did I ever tell you about the young Zode?
Who came to two signs in the fork of the rode?
He looked one way and then the other way too
And so the Zode had to make up his mind what to do.
Well the Zode scratched his head and his chin and his pants
And he said to himself, “I’ll be taking a chance.
If I go to Place One – that place may be hot.
How will I know if I like it or not?
On the other hand, though, I’d feel such a fool
If I go to Place Two and find it's too cool
In that case I may catch a chill and turn blue
And so Place One may be the best and not Place Two.

On the other hand, though, if Place One is too high
I might get a terrible earache and die
On the other hand, though, if Place Two is too low
I might get some terrible pain in my toe.
So, Place One may be the best.  He started to go
He stopped and said, On the other hand though
On the other hand, other hand, other hand though
And for thirty-six and one half hours that Zode
Made starts and made stops at the fork in the rode.
Saying, No, don’t take a chance, you might not be right.

Then he got an idea that was wonderfully bright
Play safe, cried the Zode.  I’ll play safe, I’m no dunce.
I'll simply start off to both places at once.
And that’s how the Zode who would not take a chance
Got to no place at all with the split in his pants.

Just a thought from the front porch…

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