Saturday, September 14, 2013

We tend to forget…

Also don’t forget.  During the delay, time causes us to forget many things.  When there is a delay, we tend to forget our dream.  We tend to forget what GOD had done in our life.  We tend to forget GOD’s goodness to us in the past.  We tend to forget that GOD is with us.  We tend to forget GOD’s power.  We tend to forget how important it is that we stay in GOD’s strength and we start focusing on all our problems than on what HE has done for us.  The Bible says, “Don’t forget.”

This was another mistake that the Israelites made out in the wilderness.  Psalm 106’7-8 (TEV), 13 (LB) tells us, They forgot the many times GOD showed them HIS love, and they rebelled at the Red Sea.  But HE saved them as HE promised.  But they quickly forgot again!  They wouldn’t wait for GOD to act.” 

This says many times.  It’s unbelievable how short their memory was.  In Egypt, GOD does ten plagues and the children of Israel forget it because a couple days later they’re at the Red Sea and saying, “We’re all going to die!”  They’ve forgotten just what GOD’s done.  GOD does a miracle and opens the Red Sea.  They walk through to the other side and immediately forget that miracle.  “We're going to die of thirst!”  GOD provides water miraculously.  They forget that and complain, “We’re going to die – no food!”  They were always forgetting. 

But we should not be too quick to judge them because we do the exact same thing.  When a delay occurs in our lives we start acting like GOD’s never done anything for us.  Has GOD done things for you in the past?  Sure HE has.  You can count on Him to do it tomorrow, or the next day...  When you act like, “GOD’s not going to bail me out of this one!”  You’re forgetting all the other times HE’s bailed you out.  Some of the times you didn’t even know about it but HE did. 

What have you been forgetting about GOD, how HE’s helped you so many times?

Just a thought from the front…

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