Monday, October 21, 2013

Let HIM fight your battles…

Continuing with the options for what you can do with your hurt:

1) Repress it.
2) Rehearse it.
3) Resent it.

Another option is to 4) Release it.  Release the hurt to GOD. 

And what does that mean?  

Romans 12.19 (LB), “Dear friends, never avenge yourselves.  Leave that to GOD, for HE has said HE will repay those who deserve it.”  And aren't you glad that verse is in the Bible? 

If you want to let go of your hurt, you must let GOD settle the score.  If somebody’s hurt you, let GOD handle it.  Who do you think could do a better job at getting even? 

The hurts that hurt the most are those that are out of our control.  Someone did something to us that we couldn't control and they hurt us and it’s out of our control.  But it’s not out of GOD’s control.  Give it to GOD.

Never forget that GOD is aware of everything people do to you. Everything.  The Bible says HE’s keeping a record. 

Read Psalm 10, the Victims Psalm, “LORD, there’s those guys out there and they’re hurting people and they’re hurting the helpless and they’re taking advantage of others.  They say, ‘What the hey, GOD’s not watching, I can do whatever I want to and get away with it.’  They’re bowling people over and destroying lives and then saying GOD doesn’t care, GOD doesn’t see it.” 

But in Psalm 10 it says, “But YOU, O GOD, do see the hurt, the grief and the pain and YOU will call that person into judgment and avenge the helpless and the victims.” 

Leave it in GOD’s hands and let GOD be GOD and fight your battles.  HE can do a better job of it than you can.  

Just a thought from the front porch…

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