Monday, October 7, 2013

Stop and remind yourself…

Mercy is love in action.  It’s the way GOD treats people.  Psalm 145.8 (NLT), “GOD is kind, merciful, slow to anger...”  The rest of the verse, in the Living Bible, says “... HIS compassion is entertained in everything that HE does.”

When I meet people who are oddballs, they just don’t fit, they’re heavenly sandpaper – irritating – and you don’t get along with them, you’re patient with those kinds of people.  Because you check out their background and realize that hurting people hurt people. 

Then you’re forgiving to the fallen because we all fall.  We all stumble, nobody’s perfect. We don’t hold a grudge.  And we help those who are hurting, not just feel sorry for them (like James says, “If you see a guy without any clothes and say be warmed and of good cheer.  See you later.” and you don't do anything about it.)  And then you do good to those who do bad to you. 

That’s mercy.  And that’s tough to do.  It’s very tough to do and that’s why you need some very powerful motivators to become a merciful person.

One motivator is because GOD has shown me mercy.

Matthew 18.33 (LB), “Shouldn’t you have mercy on others just as I had mercy on you?” 

GOD expects me to do to others what HE has already done to me. 

When you think about those people who really tick you off, if you’re having a hard time being merciful to those people, remember what a jerk you”ve been with GOD.  I think of all the flack that GOD has taken from Bill Williams – all the stuff I’ve done my own way, done my own thing, told GOD, “Forget it!  I'm going to do this!”  Yet, GOD still loves me.

What a gracious, merciful GOD HE is.  I think of all the dumb stunts I’ve pulled and all the things I’ve done wrong and HE continues to shower me with HIS love and mercy and grace. 

Stop and remind yourself, “GOD, if YOU can be merciful to me, surely I can be merciful to that person.” 

Just a thpught from the front porch…

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coolingstar9 said...

Do not escape for the good and bad situation. All these show us some lessons, we can learn from all these.
Take the challenges in life.