Saturday, October 19, 2013

There are some options for your hurt…

Here are the options for what you can do with your hurt:

1) Repress it.  You push it down, swallow it.

If you swallow your feeling your stomach keeps score. If you pretend it doesn’t exist and hold it in – that’s unhealthy.  I meet walking wounded all of the time because they’ve never let go of their hurt.  They keep repressing it.

2) Rehearse it.  They go over and over it in their mind. They torture themselves by thinking about it over and over.

GOD says, Don’t dwell on the past.  Don’t let it consume your thoughts.  There’s a big difference between mourning and moaning. 

Mourning is legitimate grief.  JESUS said, “Blessed are those who mourn, I will comfort them.”  GOD wants to comfort you in your grief, your heartache.  There’s a difference between mourning and moaning. 

Moaning is “Oh, poor me!  Poor me!”  And you want to keep a hold of it. You’re having a pity party. 

GOD says you don’t repress it and you don’t rehearse it.

3) Resent it.  But don’t resent it. 

When somebody has hurt us, when the pain is caused by somebody else, we fantasize about how we can get back at that person in the same way they got us or got somebody that we love. 

A few years back they executed Ted Bundy and if anyone deserved it he did.  But outside there was a party, laughing and shouting, “Burn, Bundy, burn!” Those people, full of resentment will pay for it longer than he will.  Resentment eats you up.  It kills you inside. It’s like cancer; it eats you alive and destroys us. 

There is one more.  Check back.

Just a thought from the front porch…

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