Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Let’s pray…

I can sense the pain in some of your lives.  I want you to know that GOD cares.  The Bible says that HE has seen everything that’s ever taken place in your life.  HE has hurt when you’ve hurt.  Some of the things that have happened in life, we’re never going to get the explanation for.  Life is not fair.  GOD’s will is not always done.  That’s why we’re to pray for it to be done.

We have a choice and when people make bad choices sometimes innocent people get hurt.  The Bible does tell us how to handle the hurt.  Would you, right now, open your life to JESUS CHRIST? Maybe you’ve never done it before.  You may be a religious person.  You may never gone to church in your life.  Say Yes to JESUS CHRIST.  You can say it in your mind, you don’t have to say it aloud.  GOD hears.  HE knows your thoughts, the very thoughts going across your mind right now.  HE loves you.  Say, “Yes, JESUS CHRIST.  I need YOUr help, YOUr hope, YOUr healing in my life.  Would YOU put YOUr power in me.  Would YOU come into my life?  I don’t understand it all but I want YOU to be Number one and call the shots, to be the LORD of my life, to be the manager. GOD, I’ve held on to that hurt for so long, would YOU help me to let go of it so I can get on with the future?  I want to stop repressing, rehearsing and resenting and I just want to release it today.  I want to stop focusing on what I’ve lost and start focusing on what's left.  JESUS CHRIST, I give my life to YOU.”

Would you take a second step?  Would you say in your heart, “JESUS CHRIST, today I’m going to find a family, a spiritual family, I can be a part of and join that church, that family.  I’ll get to know some people, some groups, there are people there who care about me and will support me and be there.  And I can help others.”  Would you make that commitment?

And would you make the final commitment?  “GOD, I want YOU to use the hurt that I’ve gone through to help other people.  The difficulties, the sins, the dumb things I’ve done I know YOU can use.  Those things I wish had never happened.  GOD, somehow use me to be an encouragement to others.  Let that be my ministry.” Would you pray that?

HEAVENLY FATHER, I’m so thankful for YOUr word that it comforts us in our sorrows and life is not always fun and great, but YOU are always great.  We don’t know what the next week holds but we know, with YOU in our lives, we have the strength to be radiant with hope.  I know today many are opening their lives to YOU for the very first time and they’re sensing YOUr presence in their lives.  Help them not to fear that but to realize how much YOU love them.  Surround them with YOUr arms of love and let this be a turning point in their life today.  In JESUS’ name.  Amen.

Just a thought from the front porch…

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