Monday, October 28, 2013

Three commitments that will make a difference...

Matthew 5.4 (NIV),  Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.” 

Comfort is available.  Not in pills, drinking, affairs, movies, books, whatever, but in GOD, in HIMself.  If you will turn to HIM you will make it through the pain. 

I want to invite you to make three commitments. 

1.  I first invite you to open up your life to JESUS CHRIST.  Just say, “JESUS CHRIST, come into my life.  I don’t understand it all.  I don’t know what it all means.  But I realize I’m not making it on my own power.  I need YOU in my life. 

JESUS CHRIST, put YOUr spirit in my life and give me the strength I need to be the person YOU want me to be and to help me through this pain or the pain that may come this next week, or next month, or next year.”  Open up your life to JESUS CHRIST and say. “Yes”.

When you go down in a submarine they pressurize the cabin.  The pressure on the outside of the cabin would implode the submarine if they didn’t equalize with pressure on the inside.  When you’re going through the pain, the only way to equalize the pressure put on you from the outside, is to be filled with GOD’s SPIRIT on the inside.  That equalizes the pressure so you don’t cave in, in a crisis.

2.  Find a church family.  You need to find a church where you can say, “That’s my family.  That’s where I feel comfortable. I’m not going to just be a spectator.  I’ll be a participator. I’m going to join and get to know some people.”  If you don’t get to know your church family, who’s going to be there in your crisis?  Who’s going to hang around you if you don’t get with some people and let them know you – you help them and they help you?

3.  I challenge you to give your life away.  Realize that if GOD has helped you in a crisis HE wants you to share that with other people.  If you’ve had kids that have gone off the deep end, open up and let people know about it, because everybody else has kids and some of them may go off the deep end and they need somebody who knows their pain.  If you’ve gone through a divorce or had a problem with alcohol or you’ve gone through a failure at work or you’ve been through a major problem in life and lost a loved one, let that become a ministry in your life encouraging others.

Just a thought fro the front pourch….  

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