Wednesday, November 13, 2013

It's your choice…

Bitterness also can hurt our communication with GOD. 

Whenever we’ve been hurt and we hold on to those hurtful memories, it causes us to close our minds to GOD and we start saying things like, “GOD, why did YOU allow this?  Why is this happening to me?  If YOU’re such a loving and powerful GOD, why did this happen?"

Folks, you are going to get hurt in life.  You will have pain.  This is not heaven, this is earth and GOD has given us a free choice and so people are free to do wrong things and the result is innocent people suffer.

Not everything that happens in this world is GOD’s will.  HE has given us the freedom to choose.  So people get hurt. 

You are going to get hurt in life and what you do with that hurt will determine whether you become a better person or a bitter person.  A bitter life is a wasted life.  When we become bitter and when we hold on to our hurts, it only prolongs the pain.

What we tend to do is, “They hurt me so I’m going to close myself off, build up walls, hide in my shell, and I’m not going to let anybody get close to me.  Not even GOD, because GOD let it happen.”  So we start blaming GOD for things other people did to us and as a result, we close our mind.

People who have been deeply hurt often have a hard time opening up their minds and their hearts to GOD.  They’ve held in so much and they hurt.

Just a thought from the front porch…

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