Thursday, November 21, 2013

So many different types…

JESUS says that distractions are kind of like weeds. 

Riches can be a weed in your life.  We can be so busy making money we don’t have time for GOD.  So busy making a living, we don’t really live.  We don’t really enjoy life. 

We just get up in the morning and go to work.  We work hard to pay the bills and catch up and get even and keep up with the Jones’ and we flop into bed at night, get up in the morning and do the same thing all over again.

GOD gets crowded out.  GOD gets the leftovers in your life.  In the desire to make money you can forget GOD.

Another weed is pleasures.

There is nothing wrong with pleasures.  Who do you think gave you the ability to enjoy pleasures?  GOD did.  GOD thought up the fun in the world and gave you the senses and the abilities you have in order for you to enjoy pleasure.  GOD wants you to enjoy pleasure.  But HE’s saying you can be so busy having fun (and GOD wants you to have fun) but when it becomes number one in your life, guess who’s getting crowded out?

There are a lot of different kinds of weeds.  It could be a relationship, a responsibility, anything.  A weed is anything that distracts you from making time to be with GOD. To set down, be quiet and pray and say, “GOD, is there anything YOU want to say to me today?"

Some days HE will and some days HE won’t but you’ve got to have the line ready, so HE can talk to you.

A very theological question:  How much effort does it take to grow weeds?  No effort at all.  The difference between a plant and a weed – a flower is something you cultivate, you fertilize, you trim, you water it and it still doesn’t grow, – a weed you do nothing and it explodes.  That’s the difference.  You don’t have to water weeds.  They grow.

You see, weeds are a sign of neglect.  When I start neglecting getting together with other CHRISTians in worship, going to a Bible study – any of these things – the weeds are going to grow up in my life and the Bible said they’re going to choke the spiritual life out of me. 

I’m going to loose my joy, my peace, my purpose, my sense of calmness, my ability to handle stress, etc.  The weeds will coke the life out of you and they all come just by neglecting spending time with GOD.

Just a thought from the front porch…

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