Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A warning about impressions…

A Warning:  Always test an impression.

Never make a decision on an impression alone.  You need to test that impression.

It always has to match what the Bible says.  If you ever get an impression that is opposite to what GOD has said in the Bible, I guarantee that it is not from GOD.  GOD never contradicts what HE’s already said.  HE’s not going to give you an impression contrary to what’s in the Bible.

I’ve heard of guys saying, “I’ve prayed and I really feel GOD is speaking to me that I’m suppose to leave my kids and go marry this 16 year old bimbo.”  Hello?  Who are you kidding?

Or, “I know GOD wants me to be happy and HE’s said don’t have sex with people you’re not married to, but I really love this person.  So I’m going to move in with them even though we’re not married.  I know GOD’s told me to do that.” 

Are you kidding?  God has over and over, for your own protection, for your own benefit said that sex is for marriage only.  It’s real clear.  You see about 90% of our problems in that area, the emotional scars, the venereal diseases, the broken hearts wouldn’t be there if people would just obey what GOD says to do.

When we say, “I know GOD wants me to be happy, but..”  you’d better check it out with the Bible.  When you ignore the owner’s manual -- if I don’t put oil in my car every so many thousand miles guess what?  It is going to wear out.  And it’s going to die real quick.  When you don’t do what the Bible says you’re not hurting GOD.  This is for your benefit.

Just a thought from the front porch…

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