Monday, December 2, 2013

How about through your dreams?…

Job 33.14-15 (LB), “GOD speaks again and again, in dreams and visions at night when deep sleep people lie on their beds.  HE opens their ears in times like that, and gives them wisdom and instruction.”  

Notice it says God sometimes speaks in dreams and in visions.  Why?  Why would GOD speak to us while we’re asleep?

Because we are relaxed, not distracted, our defenses are lowered at that moment.  GOD speaks through dreams and visions.

The best way to do this is to ask GOD a question right before you go to sleep.  It is a good thing to say, “GOD, what do YOU want me to do about this situation with...?”  Ask that and then go to sleep.  Say, “GOD, if you want to tell me, fine.  If YOU don’t, that’s OK.”

Many times you won’t get any answer at all but sometimes you do.  It’s up to GOD.  Just ask as you’re going to sleep, “GOD, what’s the next step?  What’s the next step with my family?  What’s the next step in my relationship with...?  GOD, tell me what YOU want to do.  I’m open.  If you want to talk to me tonight in my sleep, go ahead.”

Not every time but many times you will wake up the next morning and the answer is there.  Ask God a question and give Him the opportunity.  Sometimes He's say something and many times He won't. 

Most of your dreams are not GOD speaking.  Scientists tell us when we’re dreaming our mind is simply reorganizing information.  Just reorganizing all the facts and the sights and the sounds you’ve got.

You read something and watch a movie and talk to somebody and see something in the paper and hear something on the radio and when you go to sleep at night you dream you’re the ax murderer.  That’s not GOD speaking to you.  Not everything that you dream is from GOD.
A lot of times its just things get mixed up and you get put into pictures or stories you’ve already heard.  It's highly unreliable.  And Satan can speak to you too.  Satan can put ideas into your mind.  Not every idea that comes into your mind is from GOD.

Just a thought from the front porch…

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