Saturday, November 30, 2013

Two extremes on GOD’s impressions…

There is a lot of confusion about how we receive impressions from GOD.  Now there are two extremes you need to avoid when thinking about impressions:  one is the rationalist, the other is the mystic.

The rationalist denies that GOD ever speaks to us through the mind.  He says GOD only speaks through the Bible and never gives you any impressions.

The mystic thinks that every impression they get is from GOD.  That’s obviously wrong too.

I feel sorry for both of these extremes.  The rationalist, who thinks “GOD never gives me an idea” misses out on GOD’s counsel, GOD’s comfort, GOD’s care, GOD’s concern, GOD’s challenges and GOD’s guidance in the ways of life.  They miss it all.

On the other hand, the mystic who thinks that every impression they get is from GOD tends to make a lot of stupid mistakes and they embarrass themselves.  They say, “GOD told me to do this,” and then they go bankrupt.  What happened?  You missed GOD.  Both extremes are wrong.

You look on television at some of these people getting all these weird idea and you tend to be skeptical of this.  You hear these people say, “There’s somebody out there in the audience that is suppose to give me a million dollars.”

Sure. I've had that vision too, many times.  Never let a religious nut keep you from experiencing the real thing.

Just a thought from the front porch…


joni said...

I loved this.

I do listen to God and know the difference 95% of the time on whom is speaking.

I enjoyed reading this post. Thanks for the thought-filled post.

bill williams said...

Thanks for reading Joni.