Friday, November 29, 2013

HE speaks through impressions…

GOD also speaks through impressions.  HE puts ideas in our minds.  When GOD puts an idea in your mind we call that inspiration.  “I was inspired.  I got a creative idea.”

Where do you think that creative idea came from?  It came from the creator.  GOD the creator.  When you are being creative you’re being most like GOD. 

We’re made in CHRIST’s image.  GOD’s the creator, human beings have the ability to be creative.  When GOD puts an idea in your mind we call it an inspiration.  When the devil puts an idea in your mind, we call it a temptation.  So GOD is trying to speak to you.

John 14.26 (Ph), “The HOLY SPIRIT...will be your teacher and will bring to your mind all I have said to you.” 

Notice the phrase, “bring to your mind.”   That means HE gives impressions.  HE gives us ideas.  HE gives us gut feelings.  GOD often does this.

Some of your most brilliant ideas weren’t yours.  They were GOD’s.  HE was giving them to you.  A brilliant business idea, a brilliant family idea, a brilliant relational idea, a brilliant financial idea, where do you think you got those ideas? 

GOD loves you, HE cares about you, HE is infinitely interested in all the details of your life.  It didn’t feel like GOD because it’s so natural.  You were made to receive ideas from GOD.  A lot of things you think up, you’re not that smart either.  GOD gives you ideas.

Just a thought from the front porch…

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