Thursday, November 28, 2013

HE speaks through you…

The Bible says GOD gives us gifted pastors and teachers to communicate HIS word.  Before I retired I had many people come up and tell me, “After today’s message, I feel like you’ve been reading my mail.” 

Am I saying that GOD speaks through me?  I have no doubt about it!  I’m amazed by it and I don’t deserve it but I have no doubt about it.  Even now on Bill’s Front Porch and Just Continue That Thought, I believe GOD speaks through me

And the truth is if you’re a believer, GOD speaks through you. Many times you don’t even know it.  How many times, if you could go back over your life, a friend has come to you for counsel or you’ve said something that was a real turning point thing, a defining moment in a person’s life?

You didn’t think twice about it.  It was just an idea that popped into your mind.  Where do you think it came from?  GOD was speaking through you. 

If you are a CHRISTian, GOD often speaks through you and you don’t even know it.  It’s not some big supernatural thing, it’s just the way GOD has wired you.  HE has the ability to get into your mind without you even thinking about it.  HE plants ideas.  GOD speaks through gifted teachers.

Just a thought from the front porch

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