Thursday, December 26, 2013

Claim it, believe it, and know it's going to happen…

We’re talking about the steps to praying for a problem and the nest step is to claim the promise that GOD gives you with confidence.  Claim it, believe it, and know it's going to happen. 

You can pray very specifically.  You can start thanking GOD in prayer because the promise is the answer.  Start thanking HIM.

Remember during school, the math books that had the answers at the end of the book?  You could work out the equation, figure out the answer, then go back and check it in the back.  No.  What you did was go back and find the answer and knowing where you were supposed to end up, try to figure out how to do the equation.  You know where you're going to end up, so you try to figure out how to get there. 

That's the way prayer works.  GOD gives you a promise and says, "Yes, I'm going to answer."  So you know how it's going to end up and you go back and wait in the middle time while it's all being worked out. 

Let's say you were to go to Alaska next week and call your husband/wife back home and say, "It's really cold up here.  I'm freezing to death. Would you please send me a coat like I wrote you in the letter?" She/he answers, "I got the letter and it's already on the way." You can thank them because you know it's on the way.  You don't have any doubt about it.  It's on the way.

That's how it is with prayer.  GOD gives you a promise to claim and you can say, "Thanks, LORD!  I haven't gotten it yet but I know it's on the way because YOU said it.  YOU've given me a rhema.  YOU've spoken to my heart and I know it's going to happen.  It's simply a matter of timing."

Often GOD will send little confirmations by circumstances during that waiting period.  After you've already made the commitment and you've already taken the step of faith, HE gives you little confirmations. 

I remember moving to Las Vegas and the confirmations that we got.  Margaret and I prayed that GOD would show us where to go and start a new church.  After praying for a period of time, we really felt that GOD was saying to us a rhema, go to Vegas.  There was real peace in our hearts about it.  We felt confident so we took the steps.  After we made the decision to make the move, there were all kinds of little confirmations.  And I’ll be honest, if we hadn’t had those rhemas in our lives we would have run many times but we knew that was where God wanted us.  We knew that as a fact.

You claim the promise given to you.

Just a thought from the front porch…

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