Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Dip and skip through HIS word…

Listen for GOD to give you a personal promise, a rhema. Listen for GOD to speak to you. 

You don't just go to the Bible and pick out a promise at random.  There was this guy who said, "GOD, what's YOUR will today?" He opened the Bible and put his finger down and it said, "Judas went out and hung himself."  That couldn't be right, so he tried again and it said, "Go thou and do likewise."  But that couldn't be right, so he tried a third time.  "What thou doest, do quickly."  That's the kind of results you get when you dip and skip through the word and try to force a verse to apply to your situation.

Listen for GOD.  Prayerfully read the word of GOD and wait for GOD to speak to you. 

The rhema, the personal word that GOD gives you about your situation will come in a variety of circumstances or ways.

It might come just through Bible reading.  You're reading the Bible and all of a sudden a verse applies in a new way. 

It may come in a church service.  You're sitting in a church service and all of sudden something the pastor or somebody says hits you.  It may just be a word in a song.  And GOD says, "That's for you!  That's your answer." 

It may be in a Bible study group.  That's why you need to be involved in Bible study, because you get more of the word.  Your prayer life is never stronger than your understanding of Scripture. 

It may be on a CD.  It may be a radio program.  Or you turn on the TV and there it is. 

You never know where it's going to come in.  It may be a friend. A friend may say a word that they don't even realize.

Confess to GOD.  Get in neutral gear.  Then say, "GOD, reveal YOUR will to me through my desires.  Give me the desire to do the right thing."  Then check the desire out with the Bible and then you pray and wait and listen for GOD to give you a personal word.

Just a thought from the front porch…

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