Monday, December 23, 2013

How to check your desire out…

You're facing a difficult decision, a problem.  First, you confess your sins – Get right with GOD, make sure everything's in harmony.  Then you commit the decision to the LORD and keep praying until you get in neutral about it – GOD, I'm willing to go either way.  Three, ask GOD to reveal HIS will by giving you a desire – "LORD, give me the desire to do the right thing." And then step four, compare your desires with scripture.

Now that you have a clear desire, start reading the Bible and see if it's in tune with what the Bible says.  GOD's SPIRIT never leads us contrary to the Bible.  HE won't contradict this.  If my desire feels opposite to HIS book, I know it's not right.  It's been called scriptural screening.  It's like you make a grid of the Bible and then you pray and check it out to see if it squares with Bible teaching. 

If you don't know the Bible, how are you going to do that?  That's why it's important to know the Scriptures.  If you don't know the Scriptures that well, just check it out with a pastor.  Say, "This is my desire. What does the Scripture have to say about this?"  Check it out. See if there are any conditions, any restrictions on it.

In James 3:17 (NIV) we have eight tests that you can apply when you want to know if an idea is from GOD or not.  And this is just one of a number of tests you can apply.  "But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first pure, peace loving, considerate, submissive [to GOD's will] full of mercy, full of good fruit.  It is impartial and it's sincere."  These characteristics you can check out.  Is this idea right? 

Confess it to GOD.  Get yourself in neutral gear and ask GOD to reveal it through your desires.  Take those desires to the Bible and say, "GOD, does this square with the scripture?"  If you don't know the Scripture that well, get a godly person who does know the Bible and ask him, "Am I violating any principle?" 

Just a thought from the front porch…

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