Saturday, January 25, 2014

It is not giving in to another person…

Peacemaking also is not appeasing another person for the sake of peace. 

In other words, I always give in to your ways, have it your way, do it your way.  I'm manipulated, I'm dominated by you. 

Listen, GOD doesn't expect you to be a doormat.  You study the ministry of JESUS CHRIST, JESUS never backed off from a legitimate issue.  When people say, "Because you're a CHRISTian you have to give in and do what I say."  That's called manipulation, folks.  When you always give in to the other person then that is called co-dependency. And GOD doesn't expect you to be a doormat.  That's not peacemaking. 

The result of appeasement is always resentment.  It builds up in your self.  When I swallow my feelings, my stomach keeps score.  And I don't feel like having a healthy relationship with you because it's a sick relationship.  Peace at any price is not legitimate peace. 

That is something important to remember in your relationships.

Just a thought from the front porch…

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