Friday, February 7, 2014

Broken or unbroken peace...

Colossians 3:15 (LB), "Let the peace of heart that comes from Christ be always present in your hearts." 

2 Peter 1:2 (LB), "Do you want to know more and more of God's kindness and peace? Then learn to know him better and better." 

JESUS CHRIST can take the broken pieces of your life and replace them with HIS unbroken peace.  When you make peace with GOD then you get the peace of GOD and when the peace of GOD is in your life then you can begin to have peace with other people that you never thought possible. 

Have you made peace with GOD?  I'm not talking about a truce.  A truce is saying, "GOD, you stay on your side of the line and I'll stay on my side.  GOD, you handle all the big problems of the world, I'll handle my life."  That's no peace, folks.  That's a truce.  Peace comes when you say, "JESUS CHRIST come into my life and give me YOUr peace.  Lead me, guide me, help me to respond to people the way YOU would and give me the power to do it."  Are your relationships today characterized more by peace or conflict?  Who do you need to make peace with?  Parent?  Husband?  Wife?  Brother?  Sister?  Daughter?  Son?...   You may not be able to resolve all those issues but you can make peace in the relationship.  Maybe you need to go home and sit down and make phone calls and set up a peace conference and take these steps that we have just gone thru.  But before you do you need to let CHRIST come into your life and fill you with HIS peace

Just a thought from the front porch…

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