Thursday, February 6, 2014

A real issue that needs to be reconciled…

II Corinthians 5:18 (NIV), "GOD has reconciled us to HIMself through CHRIST and gave us the ministry of reconciliation." 

Reconciliation is a synonym for being a peacemaker.  It says GOD is a peacemaker.  HE has made peace with us through JESUS CHRIST.  Now HE has given to you and me the ministry of being a peacemaker.  When you attempt to be a peacemaker you're doing the work of GOD.  When you're restoring relationships, you're doing the work of GOD. 

Who does that mean in your life?  Who do you need to seek reconciliation with?  A partner?  Husband?  Wife?  A daughter?  A son? 

My guess is that for many of you one of the real issues that need to be reconciled is with a parent.  Your parents were imperfect.  If you're a parent you're imperfect.  When your kids become parents, they're going to be imperfect.  There are no perfect parents.  We do things that hurt each other.  Some of you have held on to that hurt. 

What happens is when you focus on somebody you resent, you actually begin to pick up their traits.  You begin to resemble those you resent.  What's happened is, you have resented a parent for so long about something, then you got married and all that frustration, all of a sudden you took it off that parent and focused it on your mate.  That's not fair.  You're still reacting to a parent and it's hurting to a marriage. 

What's the storm in your life?  Where are you having conflict?  How do you become a peacemaker?  You've got to have peace in your heart first.  Where do you get that kind of peace in your heart that helps you understand that although you cannot control the reactions of other people, you can control yours?  Where do you get that strength and that power that gives you the peace?  By meeting the PRINCE of PEACE.  JESUS CHRIST.  And asking GOD to put HIS SPIRIT of Peace in your heart.

When you are filled with anger almost anything can tick you off.  But when you're filled with GOD's peace, nothing can.  Like a toothpaste tube, whatever's inside when you put the squeeze on will come out.  If you're filled with GOD's peace, when the squeeze is on you and the world puts on pressure, HIS peace is going to come out.  But if you're filled with yourself and your ego and your pride then when the world puts on the pressure that's what is going to come out.

Just a thought from the front porch…

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