Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Conflict, growing apart or courage…

Often times when we attempt to keep the peace what we actually do is lie.  We say, "Everything's OK.  No problems."  It's a risk to tell the truth. 

Ecclessiates 10:8 (LB), "There is risk in each stroke of your axe!"  That's a word picture in the Old Testament. 

It doesn't matter what you're doing in life, even in the most simple, everyday things, there's a risk in everything we do.  There's a risk in telling the truth – that's right.  But there's a tremendous risk in not telling the truth also.  The risk in telling the truth is that things will blow up and you'll go through a conflict.  The risk in not telling the truth is that you'll gradually grow apart and your love for each other will begin to fall. 

All of us, when it comes to conflict, are yellow.  We just don't want to face conflict.  We don't like it.  So when it's a choice between an immediate conflict and gradually growing apart, we always say to ourselves, "Maybe it will get better later.  Maybe it will come out sometime.  Maybe it will work out."  But it never does until someone has the courage to tell the truth. 

If you're struggling with a relationship with a parent, husband/wife, one of your kids it is right on the top of your mind right now and you're thinking "I need to tell them the truth."  Ask GOD for the courage to tell the truth.  Ask HIM for the courage to take the risk and tell the truth in the relationship.  Honesty is a part of integrity in our relationships, integrity that strengthens a relationship.

Just a thought from the front porch…

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