Wednesday, October 24, 2012

the availability of GOD’s power…

i love what job in the old testament said. if you want to read about pain and suffering and mind-boggling tragedy, unbelievable tragedy read job and see that even in this tragedy he didn’t run away from GOD.  he said in 6.10 (nlt), at least i can take comfort in this:  despite the pain, i have not denied the words of the HOLY ONE.

the words of the HOLY ONE make us a promise.  the promise is this: that you and i can experience GOD’s unlimited, GOD’s divine, GOD’s supernatural power in our lives today and live the way HE intended us to live and, when necessary, endure pain and hardship. 

GOD doesn’t want us to just talk about power.  HE wants us to access it.  1 corinthians 4.20 (nlt), the kingdom of GOD is not just fancy talk.  it is living by GOD’s power.

GOD knew that we would have this need for power that many of us would live these powerless lives. psalm 68.35 (nlt), GOD is awesome.  HE gives power and strength to HIS people.  praise be to GOD.  notice the words, HIS people. 

most of us in here on the front porch probably don’t question GOD’S power.  we step outside and look at this incredible playground that we call earth and see GOD’s power. 

what you and i question is, is GOD’s power available to me?  and if so, how do i get it?  those are the questions that we have. 

now the answer to the first question is yes, you can get GOD’s power.  HE promised it.  but before we talk about how to access it, i want to paint a picture of good news.  i want to take a look here on the front porch at some promises that GOD says, “I’ll give you power when…”  so check back.  we’ll look at the first one tomorrow.

just a thought from the front porch…

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