Tuesday, October 23, 2012

where to go when we feel powerless…

back a few year ago when we were living in las vegas a cable sports networs had an awards show there at the mgm grand and if you saw it you know that one of the most moving parts of the show was a tribute that they had of the high school coach who was killed in the columbine high school tragedy.  it was something to see some of those big athletes cry after the tribute.

one of several questions that were asked after that tragedy is “what kind of person could do something like this?  what possesses somebody to go berserk?” 

let me read you something i read from an article that a psychologist said.  “many people feel powerless in their day to day life and therefore they look for something to give them power.  in the colorado case, the boys had turned to the occult.  they viewed it as a source of power, as something that would empower them.”

now i want to strike right at the heart of our deep need for power – our strength to survive, the powerlessness in our lives that many of us feel all of the time.  where do we get the power to live in today’s crazy but very real world, in a world where sick things happen to good people, in a world where life seems to be this constant struggle?  where do we get the power to live in a world that’s filled with these difficult questions?  and where do we get the power to keep going every day of my life?

the reality is this: GOD never promised us that life would be easy.  pain and sin are everywhere.  not just in other states like colorado and not just in other countries like iraq.  pain and sin are right here where you and i live. 

actually right now there are senseless tragedies happening to people reading this because they’re living powerless lives.  your powerless life might not force you on a crazy shooting rampage, but your powerless life may keep you from living life to its fullest.  it may keep you from living life the way GOD intended it to be lived. 

listen, you and i don’t have to live powerless lives.  GOD says, “i want you to have my power today and every day, even in the midst of pain and suffering.” 

just a thought from the front porch...

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