Thursday, November 22, 2012

there is nothing more important…

there is nothing more important than getting people out of hell and into heaven.  there is nothing you could do with your life that would make more of a difference for eternity than sharing with people the love of GOD and get them out of a CHRIST less eternity and into heaven.  it will be more important than any skyscraper you build, more important than any invention you invent, any recipe you cook up, any hobby, any pleasure.  it will be more important than anything else you do.  because it’s going to make a difference for eternity. 

here’s the question: is anybody going to be in heaven because of you?  who’s going to be there because you took the time to share the fact that GOD loves people, that HE has a plan, that HE died for their sins, that HE wants them to be in heaven.  is anybody going to be in heaven because of you?          

why do you think GOD owes you one more day of life?  why do you think you should live tomorrow?  on what basis?  why does HE owe you one more day?  what are you going to do with it?  live selfishly for self?  spend it on your own little pleasures?  is that why GOD put you on earth?  no. 

you were put here to get to know GOD, fulfill HIS purpose and share the love of GOD with other people and to help each other.  if you’re not doing that, you’re wasting your life.  and GOD doesn’t owe you another day.  make your life count. 

one day you’re going to lie on your deathbed.  what are you going to say in your delusional state?  what’s going to come out of you?  the bible says, out of the heart of man the mouth speaks.  if you went delusional right now, what would you probably talk about?  what are people going to say about you on your final deathbed days?  “she watched a lot of tv…  he was really a pretty self-centered kind of guy … he had his own hobbies and that’s what he lived for – his hobbies, that’s what i’m remembering him for.” 

you have a chance to determine your destiny.  change right now what the values are in your life.  change right now what you’re going to live the rest of your life for.  if you will begin to yield yourself to god’s purpose, get to know god’s son, use your life to help other people, you will have more joy than you could possibly ever imagine. 

paul was joyful no matter what because he had a purpose for living and a purpose for dying.  do you? 

just a thought from the front porch…

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