Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The key to joy in your relationships…

We are looking together at the secret of joy in relationships.  Now the key to joy is perspective.  Perspective is everything.  The way you look at a problem, the way you look at your marriage, the way you look at a friendship, the way you look at a partnership, the way you look at a problem will determine whether you're miserable or whether you're joyful.  Perspective is a choice. 

Letter I read from a college student to her parents:  "Dear Mom and Dad, I'm sorry to be so long in writing.  Unfortunately all my stationary was destroyed the night our dorm was set on fire by the demonstrators.  I'm out of the hospital now and the doctors say my eyesight should return sooner or later.  The wonderful boy, Ben, who rescued me from the fire kindly offered to share his little apartment with me until the dorm was rebuilt.  He comes from a good family so you won't be surprised, Mom, when I tell you we're going to be married.  In fact, since you've always wanted a grandchild, you'll be glad to know that next month you'll be grandparents."  On the bottom of the letter it said, "Please disregard the above practice in English composition.  There was no fire.  I haven't been in the hospital.  I'm not pregnant.  I don't even have a steady boyfriend.  But I did get a "D" in French and an "F" in Chemistry and I wanted to be sure that you received this news in the proper perspective."

Things could be worse.  Perspective makes all the difference whether you're going to be joyful or miserable; it's what you focus on. 

What do you focus on to have joy in your relationships?

Just a thought from the front porch…

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