Saturday, March 15, 2014

It is so easy to pretend…

In your relationships live consistently

The opposite of consistency is hypocracy.  You may be able to hide hypocracy at work or church but you can't hide it at home where people know you.  You can't hide it there. 

Tom Holliday tells of a time he was speaking at a church in Nevada. He said, “Beforehand I went to eat with a family.  I sat with a dad and his two teenage kids.  I looked at him, watched him with a growl on his face, through the entire meal, spew verbal abuse at his kids, "You stupid..."  "You'll never amount to..."  I couldn't believe what he was saying, with me there.  What did he say when I wasn't there?  I went to church that night.  There was this same guy setting on the front row with the biggest smile on his face.  I wanted to hit him.”  Listen we each need to pray, "God, help me to never be like that." 

Have you discovered how easy it is to pretend?  "Help me to never be like that.  Help me through Your strength to have consistency in my life."

Just a thought from the front porch… 

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